Slowly, to reach very far

"We travel slowly, to reach very far" We chose this phrase for the back cover of our Traveling Passport as an inspiration or perhaps as a declaration of intent, but we never thought that it could be a slogan for dissidents. Today it is. And it's not that much time has passed, but this tendency to devour everything at the speed of light forces us to take part in a battle that we cannot win. Why rise up then? We do not have a conclusive answer, but we do have several that push us not to give up: out of responsibility, because we are mothers or fathers, to minimize losses, to save time, to live... Yes, perhaps we are going too far with the apocalyptic tone but there is no doubt that the speed with which we digest all the information is, to say the least, worrying. Without going any further, the simple fact of keeping a blog is so anachronistic that it can only be understood as an act of ingenuity or rebellion.   Lately, we have seen how blogs with high-quality content were closed for good, while a new concept proliferated, vlog, in which content in video format replaces writing. But it's not just that there's no time for words, it's that there isn't time for images either. Social media have also imposed a censorship for static images, and we cannot avoid the absurd questions: If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many pictures is a video worth? While we think about the answer, we can have a laugh watching reels of pandas doing somersaults in the snow, or any other subject capable of abducting us because, let's be clear, the problem is not consuming this type of content for entertainment (not at all!). The problem, oh! is that they are the only ones.   I'm sure all of this sounds familiar to you, and it's not that we're getting on the Slow Movement bandwagon late, just today we were thinking about this crazy idea that is Me&Mine and their habit of finding excuses to share time and experiences between children and adults. [gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="263273,263276,263270,251416"]