Me&Mine is a brand created by two women, Isabel and Olga, but to say that we are the people behind the brand doesn’t tell the whole story. Because the truth is that without the help of our husbands, daughters and sons, and fathers and mothers, Me&Mine wouldn’t exist. So at Me&Mine we are a team, us and ours, a team of games.


Me&Mine was born with the intention of offering products with which it was possible to strengthen the links between children and adults , and traditional toys perfectly meet that condition.


Games and timeless games, like those that our family members played, that we played, and that our children now play.

And that’s not all. Even more than a specific experience with the game that unites us, these types of toys treasure values that we are proud to show and transmit:

respect for sustainable production, traditional craftsmanship, natural materials and the beauty of simplicity.