Our Advent Calendar proposal


A few days ago we organized a Christmas-themed activity and we were lucky to have 6 extraordinary women.

The activity consisted of a workshop to make a wreath with preserved flowers that would become an advent calendar.

The workshop was led by Ana from Simply Flowers, Simply Flowers, an expert in decoration with preserved flowers and with whom we have collaborated on several occasions. In fact, the initiative to organize this activity came to us after seeing the result of the order we made to Simply Flowers for the shooting of our Christmas catalogue.

We needed to explain in images our Christmas proposal from Mini Timeless Toys the Mini Timeless Toys collection as a small quality toy for the various occasions that these dates offer, and the advent calendar was the ideal excuse.

On Pinterest we found this advent wreath-calendar idea that we finally transferred to Simply Flowersand which became the main motif of Xmas Catalog 2022.

We do not usually organize events of this type, but with the certainty that any Simply Flower workshop is always a success, and that what we wanted to explain could make sense and be attractive to certain ears, we decided to contact some women who we admire Among our guests, there were friends, those who fit better into the “chosen family” category, but also women whom we were not yet LUCKY enough to meet in person. Aurelie, Sayura, Laia, María Jesús, Gemma, Andrea, 6 wonderful women, mothers, and with very diverse professional profiles, with whom we feel that we share certain values.

For us, the advent calendar usually marks our agenda of activities during the month of December. Proposing experiences, no matter how simple they may be, as a gift, contributes to creating the magic of this period and beyond, because surely these experiences will accompany us throughout our lives.

We have always defended that sharing time with our sons and daughters is the best gift, but that does not mean that tangible things are excluded, on the contrary. If possible, combining both things seems like the perfect formula to us because, let's face it: a chocolate bar, a small toy, always generates excitement and, on the other hand, planning a daily experience can be a bit stressful, right?

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And in short, because we believe that Christmas can be beautiful and sustainable, like Charlie Brown's Christmas that , inspired this small catalog, we leave you here some images of our advent calendar this year.