Leaving a mark

Lately we have been thinking about the concept of “leaving a mark”.

We have a pragmatic obsession with striving to see the positive side of things, and that is why we have been giving clues here about a certain approach to this idea.

Surely many of you have reflected on those childhood experiences that marked you and stay with you. Not everything is always positive, but we are surprised and amazed by the power of some experiences that never seemed like great milestones because they were simply a part of everyday life: bedtime stories, the radio during breakfast, buttered toast, the tune of Love Boat  or Sunday mornings in the park ... All that, very typical, happened without the vocation to transcend, and yet it stuck.

Today, as mothers and fathers, we do not always keep in mind the determinism of the everyday (luckily!) We do the best we can, and nothing more. Sometimes we just do, moving at the pace of a "trial and error” approach.

It should be enough, but another, less kind reading of "leaving a mark" has long haunted us by appealing to our responsibility. We refer to the “carbon footprint”.

No, we are not straying from the topic at all. The crux of the matter is essentially the same: the inheritance we leave to our daughters and sons.

And it is that in this case, we do not find consolation in that of "what is possible is done". More is needed, because the responsibility is enormous. Nor does it matter who is at fault. The only thing that's clear at this point is that they will be the ones paying for our party.


This is the point at which the line that separates the professional from the personal is diluted, without risk to either party. And, as a company, we know that we are doing the right thing if we want the same thing that we want as mothers: a sustainable world for future generations.


From all this reflection our “manifesto” emerged, which we want to share with you here.