The biblical story of David and Goliath is the most popular metaphor about the unequal struggle between the weak and the powerful, ready to feed hope when it is the only thing left. Sometimes interpreted as a miracle, other times as an example of overcoming, and plenty of other times as a placebo for dreamers. Today we refer to this story with all possible readings.   We didn't know it then, but since its inception, the Me&Mine project has been a utopia. We thought we weren't ambitious because we didn't want something big or new. We thought we were realistic because we didn't want to get rich or famous. We thought we were independent because we didn't want to get into debt either financially or socially. We were wrong: yes, we were ambitious, we were not realistic, and we were never independent.   After more than 6 years of intense activity that seem like a sigh, we must admit several lessons that, in general, we could summarize as follows: One: few things are more ambitious and naive than trying to be sustainable, coherent and self-sufficient. We can hardly claim such achievements, and yet they remain the right goals. Two: the fact that you can’t change the rules of the game doesn’t mean you can’t win. Or, at least it doesn’t mean a forced defeat. Learn the rules well, and perfect your strategy. Three: Even miracles require effort and creativity.   This is the lesson that we put on the table as a new starting point. In a certain sense, today we close a stage to start a new one and as we have said elsewhere, some endings are the perfect opportunity for a new beginning called @meandmineplay We welcome you to what we hope will also be your home. We don't have slingshots capable of defeating giants, but we do have pom-pom shooters and  woodenyo-yos to play with, because we want to keep playing. Will you play with us? We are building our social media from scratch. Soon we will fill them with content. Follow us so we can grow together again.