The play is about to begin

The text that follows is the editorial of our latest catalogue. Once again, we have traveled to our childhood memories to try to convey a certain way of playing. Our desire is for Me&Mine to be something more than a brand of wooden games and toys, and not only because there are other types of products in our catalog (such as our game books or cards and passports), but above all because what we want offer are opportunities to create experiences that unite us and make us happy. We have worked on this 2022-23 catalog with great enthusiasm and energy and we hope that this is reflected and that you like it. THE PLAY IS ABOUT TO BEGIN The best play in the world. One of our best childhood memories comes from summer afternoons at our aunt and uncle’s house in the village. Our cousins, friends, and neighbors would meet there for a while and the time passed organizing party after party. Among all these celebrations, there was one that surpassed all emotions: the play that we little ones prepared for adults We took care of everything: the script, the costumes, the props and sets, the makeup and, of course, the acting. We spent hours arguing over who was the most suitable for each role or position, and once this was decided, hours carrying out what we had to do. Everything was used for anything and everything seemed like a brilliant idea to us. Absorbed in these tasks, we spent days, until the nerves couldn’t wait any longer and someone shouted: “That's it! The play is about to begin!” What came next was usually the closest thing to “a series of unfortunate events”: the curtain fell, someone did not remember their line, someone else remained silent, the costumes were torn, you couldn’t hear the music and almost nothing made sense. Despite it all, we always received a standing ovation. That experience is not just a memory that today serves us for this catalogue. In reality, that experience is rooted in the origin of Me&Mine. Catálogo juguetes de madera We have never been against technology or modern toys, but we have always been clear that the less sophisticated a toy is, the more options to play it offers. What's more, sometimes the best toys are ones that don’t limit themselves to being just toys. A simple rope can be a river, a belt, a snake, or a microphone. A bag of marbles exchanges its contents for gold coins, magic beans or fairy dust. A strainer is now a knight's helmet or the perfect complement to a flashlight to recreate a starry night, and finally, some sheets (may we never run out!), can give us a curtain, a cape, a flag, and even, why not, the sails of a pirate ship. And so, aside from creating life, to play is to create in the most perfect way that we can imagine. So let's play! Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, the play is about to begin!