"Be realistic – Demand the impossible!"

This May marks the 53rd anniversary of the revolutionary May '68, an event that perhaps failed to change the system, but did generate a profound transformation in the ideas and values of society.
Today, we recover one of its most iconic slogans to reclaim, from our tiny side, our determination to change some things, because that “let's be realistic, let's demand the impossible” is at the base of what has always pushed us to carry on.

Those who know our journey know that we were always realistic about the economic possibilities of our project. Surely, we were very ambitious in one sense and very little in another. In other words, we knew we were not going to make money, but we were confident that we could develop a viable economic survival.
Producing locally, with sustainable materials and processes, eliminating plastic from our packaging, collaborating with companies in the social sector or allocating part of our profits to charitable causes, seemed an absurd utopia full of good intentions but lacking any business pragmatism. However, after a few years of determination and work, we have managed to implement all of these goals, while others appear on our roadmap.
Today we are here, and with all the uncertainty that shakes the world, we cling to the certainty of continuing to pursue the impossible as the only real alternative.