A Tom Sawyer Tribute

We dedicated the 2021 catalog editorial to one of our main icons when it comes to inspiration. Today, preparing a new entry in this blog, we have realized that this text never arrived here, so, although late, here it is. A Tom Sawyer tribute Even if you've never read the novel, the name Tom Sawyer needs no introduction. Tom Sawyer is one of those fictional characters that have become part of the popular imagination. Like Hamlet, Ulysses or Don Quijote, his name is preceded by a fame that elevates him to the category of symbol, and even more, of myth. This is what Tom Sawyer means: a symbol, the myth of childhood understood as the ultimate expression of freedom. Tom Sawyer is the child who thinks only of playing and who uses his wits to free himself of anything that stands in the way of his goal. With stubbornness and rebellion, Tom claims the right to play in exercising that right he encourages us to rescue that part of him that is inside each of us. Among trees, streams and caves, treasured marbles, sticks and bugs, the adventures of Tom Sawyer are a celebration of friendship and imagination, a call to enjoy life intensely. [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="246578,247007,245225,244706"] This catalogue is also a call to action, a call for friends to gather with the goal of playing, dreaming and having fun TOGETHER.