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Wooden mini yoyo


3 cm diameter boxwood yoyo.

Available in 6 colours: pink, yellow, mint, blue, coral and grey.

Mini Timeless Toys Collection

3 cm diameter yoyo made of boxwood and cotton cord.

This yoyo is part of the Mini Timeless Toys collection, a collection in which we replicate some of our traditional toys in miniature size. Mini Timeless Toys is a sustainable and quality proposal for small toys.

Despite its small size, the operation of the toy is optimal, since boxwood has been used in its manufacture. Boxwood is a high quality wood, which stands out for its hardness and density, as well as its smooth and slightly porous texture. These characteristics give the yoyo the necessary weight so that it can function as a standard size yoyo.

Like the rest of our wooden toys, the mini yoyo has been handcrafted in the province of Barcelona, and the paints used are ecological.

Measurements with packaging: 5 x 7 x 2 cm