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Jumping bands


Jumping rubber game.

Includes 5 meters of elastic band in fluorescent color (yellow, pink or orange), a cloth bag and instructions for some known routines.

Designed and produced in Barcelona

Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Recommended age: from 6 years

Jumping rubber bands, or “rubber bands”, is one of those classic games that contributes to the concept of “children’s street culture”. Socializing, collaborating, learning, exercising outdoors and, of course, having fun give meaning to this concept. Surely many mothers today remember playing rubber bands in the schoolyard, in the park or at home with the help of a couple of chairs on rainy days.

Our jump rubber game includes instructions with some of the songs or routines with which we played at that time and which may still be valid today. In any case, the generic rules are very simple: two people hold the rubber band around their legs, separating them a few centimeters. The other participants take turns jumping, repeating a routine that may or may not be accompanied by a song.

The difficulty increases as the height of the rubber bands increases: ankles, calves, knees, waist … When the person who is jumping fails, he loses his turn and goes to the next one.

Shall we play?