• Cultural Passport - Activity Notebook Cultural Passport - Activity Notebook
  • Cultural Passport - Activity Notebook Cultural Passport - Activity Notebook

Under the format of an activity notebook, this Cultural Passport aims to be a tool with which the little 'culturetas' will be able to record their cultural experiences.

We have wanted to add this third title to our collection for a long time, but we wanted to do it very well and that is why we have searched for the perfect partner.

Because “unity is strength” and because what is in common is much more than a coincidence, we are very excited to present this new project in collaboration with El Culturista.

El Culturista is a cultural agenda and magazine for families in Barcelona but, above all, it is a declaration of intentions: to encourage culture in the little ones, curiosity and sensitivity, but with respect and demand, without falling into stupidity. nor in the sacralization of culture.

With the intention of crossing borders and opening wide the doors of cultural spaces to boys and girls, El Culturista and Me & Mine have teamed up to edit this Cultural Passport, an activity book designed and illustrated by Joana Casals, in which The little "culturetas" can write down and record their cultural experiences, while we adults accompany them in this discovery of culture, in its broadest sense. Therefore, among the contents of the Passport, you will find activities related to various disciplines: plastic arts, music, theater, literature, cinema, circus, puppets, etc ... Because actively participating in culture is an ideal way to stimulate curiosity , reflection and, ultimately, to create a critical and active audience.

The Cultural Passport is a tool to facilitate all this and much more, because it is also the perfect excuse to record some memorable experiences and moments that adults and children share.

Age: 6 to 12 years
Measurements: 14 x 21 cm





Data sheet

from 6 to 12 years old

Cultural Passport - Activity Notebook


Cultural Passport - Activity Notebooks. Coedition Me & Mine - El Culturista

Only available in Spanish and Catalan


from 6 to 12 years old
Idioma: Català

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